Bromyard Speed Festival

Entrant – Conditions of Entry

Applications may be selected on the basis of the vehicle’s interest to spectators and relevance to the various categories we are looking to fill. We want as broad a range as possible but please accept that you may be disappointed.

We will assess your application and let you know the outcome as soon as possible, although it could take a while. Please be patient.

a) This is a non-competitive, non-timed event

b) Passengers may accompany display drivers on the hill at no additional cost – limited to the vehicles safe seating capacity.

c) Entrants assume full responsibility for loss, damage, or injury to themselves , their passengers, their vehicles, or any third party as a result of any negligence, error , omission, action or failure howsoever caused. It is strongly advised that entrants check with their insurance company to ensure that their policy covers this non competitive event.

d) Entrants agree that they are are bound by any verbal or written instructions, rules or processes communicationed by the Event Organisors, Stewards, Officials, Marshalls or any other representative of the Bromyard Speed Festival at any time, prior or during the event.

e) Entrants agree to fully indemnify the organisors in the event of any negligence, error, omission, action, or failure howsoever caused.

f) Entries will not be deemed to be accepted until paid in full by the notified due date and we reserve the right to reallocate your invitation to another Entrant.

g) The wearing of crash helmets is compulsory for all Entrants and their passengers whilst participating in the Hill Display. A limited number will be available for hire on the day on a ‘first come, first served basis’.

General Conditions

  1. If your vehicle is accepted we will send you a link where you can pay your entry fee.
  2. In view of the popularity of the Festival we cannot guarantee that your entry will be accepted.
  3. If your entry is not accepted this year it doesn?t mean that you cannot apply for the next Festival. Your details will remain on our system so it will be easy to apply in the future.
  4. If your entry is accepted but you do not pay the entry fee on time we will allocate your place to another entry.
  5. You agree and confirm that your vehicle is roadworthy and safe for the purposes of this event.
  6. You will at all times follow instructions from the marshals and officials, and if you do not we reserve the right to ask you to cease driving.