Trade Space Opportunities : Bromyard Speed Festival On Tour

trade standBromyard Speed Festival On Tour 8th April 2018

This year we are taking Bromyard Speed Festival up the road to Shelsley Walsh. There will be a similar range, quantity and quality of vehicle to the 2016 and 2017 street events. However, instead of parading around Bromyard town centre the entrants will be driving at speed on the world’s oldest racing circuit. [more]

We are planning a Trade Avenue at Shelsley for this event. Paddock space is limited due to the high level of entries expected. Trade stands will be located as normal between the Paddock entrance and Kennel Bend, opposite the general parking area offering good foot flow as visitors pass towards the Paddock and spectator areas.

Final positions will be confirmed nearer the event and it would be helpful if traders have a preferred location in mind. As this is a first ‘On Tour’ event visitor numbers cannot be predicted nor guaranteed.

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Bringsty Grand Prix 9th June 2018

In June we are reviving the Bringsty Grand Prix which last ran as far back as 1947. This will be a classic motocross event following the original 1940s course in the main. [more]

There will be limited opportunities for trade stands and we don’t know how many spectators will attend though it should be at least a couple of hundred. If you have any ideas please email  us to start a discussion.