History Of Bromyard Speed Festival

Bromyard Speed Festival was the brainchild of current Chairman, Graham Hodgson-Jones back in 2012. As a long standing and well known motoring enthusiast he wanted to stage an event on the streets of Bromyard to highlight the town’s significant motoring heritage, draw visitors into the town, support local businesses and create a fun event for all to enjoy.

bromyard speed festival startThere was a lot to do to get this off the ground! A team needed to be built to turn the idea into reality and that became a Community Interest Company in 2016. Logistical challenges had to be met; not least how to convert a narrow, medieval high street into a motor circuit. Significant funding needed to be identified.

The core event of the festival was a parade of over 150 cars and motorbikes of all types passing around the town centre of Bromyard. The first such event was in 2016 and the second in 2017. The next street event in Bromyard town centre will be in 2019 and thereafter at two year intervals.

It was always the plan to run the event every two years, partly because of the long term effort involved and partly to keep it fresh. The shorter gap between 2016 and 2017 was to consolidate on the first festival and quickly build a reputation.

bringsty grand prix 2017In 2017, on the day before the street parade, it was decided to pilot a revival of the Bringsty Grand Prix, a Motocross event last run in 1947. This was a limited private event but proved the concept and Bringsty Grand Prix is running in 2018 on a larger scale and will be open to spectators. This is planned to become an annual event, under the auspices of Bromyard Speed Festival, from then on.

An additional event for 2018 is “Bromyard Speed Festival On Tour”. This takes place at Shelsley Walsh hill climb on April 8th 2018. The entire site has been rented for the day and we will be inviting drivers and vehicles to experience the world’s oldest race track in a non-competitive hill climb event. We will also encourage spectators to come along, especially those new to this kind of motoring experience.

Click on the links below to get a flavour of past events:

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