Dog Policy – Important Information

Image of a dog

We would strongly discourage bringing dogs, other than assistance dogs, into the town for the Speed Festival as it tends to become very busy and congested in some areas at certain times.  We cannot prevent you bringing your pet but in the past we have observed dogs clearly being distressed by the noise and crowds and closeness of the vehicles.  

Primarily it is important to consider the welfare of the dogs but in the event that you did decide to bring your dog, we would request that they are kept on a short lead at all times to minimise the risks to themselves and others. 

Some of the car parks are on the outskirts of town (hence the free shuttle buses) and cannot be accessed quickly by an owner if an animal was in distress.  Also, due to the widespread nature of the Speed Festival not all announcements would be heard.  Therefore, dogs or other animals must NOT be left unattended in vehicles at any time.