Bringsty Grand Prix 2018



Bringsty Grand Prix is a classic Motocross event taking place on Saturday 9th June 2018 from 10.30 am. The venue is Tiblands Farm, Linley Green Road, Bromyard WR6 5RE.

The first instance of this event was in 1946 to celebrate the end of World War II but also to protest at continuing shortages of fuel and other essentials. It was a big event and drew entries and spectators from across the Midlands region. It was successfully repeated in 1947 but that was the last time until now.

In 2017 it was decided to try to resurrect Bringsty Grand Prix and a closed door pilot event was run to test the feasibility of mounting a revival. The pilot went well and so now Bringsty Grand Prix is being revived under the auspices of Bromyard Speed Festival.

Having had valuable input from gentlemen who attended the past events in their youth we are confident that the circuit will be substantially the same as the original. Traditional methods have been used to create the track and this will be a faithful re-creation of the 1947 event.

To enter a bike costs £35, including a BSMA day licence, and the online booking system can be found here.

bringsty grand prix 2018

Spectators are encouraged and it will be a fun, family day out. There will be plenty of opportunities to view the bikes close up and watch them in action. There will be food, refreshments and a bar available. Toilet facilities will be provided.

Parking will cost £10 per vehicle and we advise you to book in advance in advance using our online parking form. Space and numbers will be limited so we could run out of room. Buying in advance guarantees your slot.

If the weather is wet dress appropriately for mud. If the weather is dry … do the same!

Here are some images from the 2017 Bringsty Grand Prix pilot event:

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