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Bromyard Speed Festival Promoted at Two International Festivals

bromyard speed festival

Back in January, during the lead up to the much anticipated Bromyard Speed Festival 2017, Jeremy Holden, owner of Holden Vintage & Classic, drove to two internationally recognised festivals to promote the historic small-town motoring event. He set off in his Peugeot 205 runaround, equipped with two snow tires and a couple of Bromyard Speed […]

Napier Bluebird : 1927 Land Speed Record Holder Replica Coming To Bromyard Speed Festival

napier bluebird

Completing the trio of land speed record holding behemoths for the April 2nd event, Bromyard Speed Festival are delighted to announce the appearance of a superb replica of Malcolm Campbell’s’ Napier Bluebird’. Powered by the 700bhp W-12 Napier Lion engine, the car achieved the world land speed record in 1927 at Pendine Sands and a […]

Circuit Banners | Support Bromyard Speed Festival | Advertising Opportunity

The circuit for the Bromyard Speed Festival circles the entire town centre, From the Town Square, up Broad Street and High Street, right into Cruxwell Street and then Rowberry Street, returning to the Town Square via Twining Street. With safety barriers on each side of the road that’s a lot of room for advertising banners […]

Testimonial from BSF Visitor

morgan 3 wheeler

Here’s a warm endorsement from a visitor to Bromyard Speed Festival last Sunday. Great to receive accolades like this. “I’ve just finished reading the programme for the event on Sunday; what a fantastic production and for just £3. Thought it was beautifully produced. I attended the morning session on Sunday and thought it a wonderful […]