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Laverda Tipo Spaceframe 1975 981cc

laverda tipo spaceframe

The Laverda ‘spaceframe’ race machines were specially created by the factory to compete in European endurance events. Only three complete works machines survive, one is in the Laverda family collection and the other two machines are now with collectors/enthusiasts in Holland. This machine is one of a handful of chassis kits specially commissioned in 2005 […]

Laverda 668 Sport

laverda 668 sport

The Laverda 668 Sport was one of the last motorcyles produced by the Laverda concern, a factory based in Northern Italy.  The bike uses an engine based on the eight valve, air cooled, parallel twin engine used in Laverda’s 1970s 350 and 500cc bikes including the Monjuich.  This engine was then redesigned by Angelo Ferrari […]

Laverda Jota Mk2 1982

laverda jota

The Jota is in concourse condition. I also have a 1970 750s in white and red which I could use if there are too many Jotas !

Laverda GT 1973

laverda gt

Rare UK registered from new with mph clock. Late GT  but with all the early features, restored from 12 biscuit tins of parts and a pile of rusty bits!

Laverda 1200 Mirage 1979

laverda 1200 mirage

Laverda 1200 Mirage was created by Slaters fom the Factory 1200. Fitted with 4c cams and Jota exhaust the 1200 Mirage offered/offers more torque and only a slightly lower top end to the Jota. I bought this particular one in November 1979 and travelled over 90000 miles in that time. I have fitted Jota style […]

Laverda Jota Mark 2 1982 1000cc

laverda jota

Joan Collins (previously owned by close friend of the real JC and starred on the silver screen with her)   is a MRK 2 Laverda Jota one of a 100 bought into the UK in 1981 – she has a 180 degree engine as opposed to the later 120 degree unit which was smoother but as most […]

Laverda 750 SFC 1974 Endurance Racing Bike

laverda 750 sfc

The bike was one of a batch of 200 originally sold by Moto Laverda in the USA.  From there it travelled back to Slater Bros at Collington where it was sold by Richard Slater to its previous Belgian owner.  Bought back to the UK by its current owner in 2006, the engine was completely overhauled and […]

Laverda Jota 1977 1000cc

laverda jota

This is a standard bike but the fact that the Jota exists is due to the Slater Brothers (Richard and Roger) of Collington, Bromyard who developed the Jota and other Laverda models using the roads between Tenbury Ledbury and Ludlow as a test track! The factory took up these developments to produce the Jota between […]