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Jensen SV8 4600cc

jensen sv8

The first of the 20 cars ever produced built in 1998 and then upgraded and registered in 2000, The investment of £10m only saw 20 cars produced with a reported 18 others built after the production stopped. This car has covered less than 5000 miles.

1974 Jensen Healey 2 Litre

jensen healey

The 1974 Mark II Jensen Healey was modified by David ten years ago to compete in the HSCC ‘70s Road Sports championships. This was originally an American import and has been converted to right hand drive.  The engine is a Lotus 2 litre 16v twin cam, (the Jensen Healey was the first car to use […]

Jensen Healey 1974

jensen healey 1974

Coming to Bromyard Speed Festival … Jensen Healey 1974 Mk II Jensen Healey built for the HSCC 70s Roadsports championship about 10 years ago. We hope to participate in the Healey sports hill climb challenge this year. In 2014 we managed to get runs up the three `old hills` Prescott, Shelsley Walsh and Kop Hill. […]