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Audi S4 Twin Turbo

audi s4

The Audi S4 is a 700BHP twin turbo four wheel drive vehicle built from a road car specifically for hill climbing, It is not road legal. It currently holds the class record at Shelsley Walsh set back in 2011. If you want full on noise and sensation then this will deliver! BOOK YOUR PARKING FOR […]

Audi TT Quatro

audi tt quatro

The vehicle is pretty much standard – as Audi intended it to be when new. It hasn’t been modified, tinkered with or abused. It is fitted with a 1781cc Turbo charged BAM engine coupled to a 6 speed transmission. The car is a Quattro so features the famous Audi 4 wheel drive system giving it very responsive […]

Audi Quattro 1986

audi quattro

This is a rare colour for a Audi Quattro , it is one of 4 official Oceanic blue for sale in the UK. This is a standard car from new. She has only done 90,000 miles with full service history.