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Ariel Square 4 998cc 1955

ariel square 4

Developed from the original 1930 design for the OHC 500cc Square 4 by Edward Turner, by the time this machine was produced the capacity had risen to 998cc, with 52BHP on hand. An all alloy pushrod engine of superior design and certainly the last classic British motorcycle with such a large engine. A true roadburner […]

Ariel Red Hunter 1937

ariel red hunter

Bought in 1975 for £20 as a very incomplete set of assorted parts. I rebuilt it and have since used it for transport to work on a fairly regular basis for about 30 years, including the two years when I lived in Upper Sapey. The frame number does not appear in the Ariel factory records […]

Ariel 350 NH Red Hunter – Classic British Bike

ariel 350 red hunter

This 1955 Ariel 350 was given to me by my old neighbour and friend who owned the bike for 46 years. For ten years running he and his wife entered the bike and sidecar in the MCC Lands End Trial, once with the 350cc motor,  swiftly followed by a 500cc unit. He only rolled it once … on the […]