A Great Day at Shelsley Walsh for Bromyard Speed Festival On Tour

shelsley walshWhen we decided to run an event at Shelsley Walsh in the gap year between street events in Bromyard we didn’t know what to expect. We thought it would be fun for the drivers. We thought some Shelsley fans would turn up out of curiosity and we hoped the event would appeal to some of those who had enjoyed the street parades in 2016 and 2017.

What happened was way beyond our wildest expectations. We had hoped for 300-400 spectators, we got more like 1200-1500. The drivers were thrilled with the events, the bars and food stalls were busy. Best of all were first time visitors from Bromyard who enjoyed a fun event, in a fabulous location, in ideal weather and had a great time.

The drivers were in two categories. Those who had never before driven at a “proper” race circuit were knocked out by the opportunity to drive on the world’s oldest race track. The more experienced drivers liked the atmosphere and family feeling derived from the lack of competition in the event. Everyone drove as fast or as moderately as they chose.

Spectators enjoyed the glorious scenery, the wide range of vehicles to view, unique to this BSF event, the efficiency of the organisation, good food and drink. It was also seen as great value for money. Normally entry to Shelsley is £16 per person, we charged just £10 per vehicle which made it very family friendly, but pretty good even for solo drivers.

Many thanks to our sponsors, who will be acknowledged in my next blog post, organisers, volunteers and everyone who came along to drive or watch.

We got some great photos, which we’ll share over the next few days. To start off here are some from the paddock and start line.

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3 thoughts on “A Great Day at Shelsley Walsh for Bromyard Speed Festival On Tour

  1. Jonatham Carmichael

    We had a great day, saw some fantastic and interesting cars and met some great folks.

    So lucky with the weather!

    Wonderful to be able to take part on the track too!

    In all a great day out to remember.

    Thank you to everyone that made this event possible

    Jonathan Carmichael

  2. Rhys Nolan

    I had a grand day at the event with Hugo the 1923 Peugeot. I apologise to the marshals who may have become bored while I trundled up the hill. I am sure I now hold the outright Slowest Time ever up the hill. i would really appreciate if anybody has photos of the two of us.


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