Still A Few Vehicle Entries Available For BSF On Tour

As a result of the change of date to 13th May of BSF On Tour a few vehicle slots for the event have become available. To see more detail of the event click here. To apply to enter your vehicle please click here.

We’ve Now Gone Secure!

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You may have noticed that our website now shows up as https not http and the www has gone! The padlock symbol shows that the site is safe for you to use. All data that passes between your browser and the website, and vice versa, is securely encrypted so cannot be read by a third […]

Registration Now Open For Bromyard Speed Festival On Tour

bromyard speed festival

On April 8th 2018 Bromyard Speed Festival will be “On Tour” at Shelsley Walsh. Instead of the street parade run around Bromyard in 2016 and 2017 we will be running a non-competitive, untimed hill climb at the legendary Shelsley Walsh track, the oldest in the world. [more] We will be inviting 140 vehicles and drivers […]

Lots Happening In Bromyard Heritage Centre

bromyard heritage centre

Pay a visit to the Bromyard Heritage Centre during the festival. It is situated on Rowberry Street just by Paddock B. It houses Bromyard’s Tourist Information Centre and Art Studios. There will be an exhibition of auto-related arts and media too. You can learn about the activities on the day and also about other events […]

Film Star Lotus Thrills at Bromyard Speed Festival

Featured in the action movie Red 2, with Helen Mirren and Bruce Willis, the Lotus Exige V6 S will appear at the Bromyard Speed Festival on April 2nd. The car was chased and ‘shot at’ by several Range Rover baddies, receiving bullet holes in the process! Its party piece in the film was driving completely […]

Bromyard Festivals Calendar

bromyard festivals flyer

Circuit Banners | Support Bromyard Speed Festival | Advertising Opportunity

The circuit for the Bromyard Speed Festival circles the entire town centre, From the Town Square, up Broad Street and High Street, right into Cruxwell Street and then Rowberry Street, returning to the Town Square via Twining Street. With safety barriers on each side of the road that’s a lot of room for advertising banners […]

Registration Open For 2017 Speed Festival

registration 2017 speed festival

We are now inviting registrations for the 2017 Bromyard Speed Festival, taking place on 2nd April 2017. Register your interest here. We have a brand new online registration system which works as follows: Open an account Register one or more vehicles for the event Await confirmation of acceptance of application with link for payment Make […]

Next Bromyard Speed Festival 2nd April 2017

bugatti brescia t13

The committee responsible for Bromyard Speed Festival met at the end of May 2016 and decided to run the festival again in 2017. The date chosen is the 2nd April 2017 and the intention is that future events should be on the first Sunday in April unless Easter Sunday falls on that date in which case […]

Presentation from Bromyard Speed Festival

Here’s a link to a Presentation that goes into plenty of detail on the organisation and programme of events of Bromyard Speed Festival. Bromyard Speed Festival – Presentation