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bromyard speed festivalIt’s close on midnight. I’ve been on my feet since barmy o’clock. I’ve walked several circuits of Bromyard, breathing exciting but probably unhealthy doses of petrol fumes. My ears are bruised, my joints aching and my grin as wide as Broad Bridge in flood!

We’ve done it again! Bromyard has given itself a happy day to remember. No help from regional or national government. A wonderful event organised by the town itself. I did some sums – Bromyard has a population of about 4000 – plus a bit I know but bear with me to make the maths easier. The Speed Festival had over 200 volunteers, working for free on the day to make it happen. That’s 1 in 20 of the population! But 10 of that 20 are kids or elderly. So 10% of Bromyard’s able bodied were out on the streets today creating a special event.

If you consider that 2 out of the remaining 9 were in local businesses and most of the rest were stood watching yo can see that the extent of local engagement is really quite stunning.

So … what next? What could we do better? What should we do next? It’s your festival so please share your feelings and thoughts.

8 thoughts on “BSF 2017

  1. Ian Quarry

    Really good day, very well organised, and the Marshalls did a superb job.

    It was brilliant to get so close to The Beast of Turin as it was doing circuits, really evocative, being able to feel the exhaust.

    Although I appreciate why you included them, I felt that the EVs didn’t add anything to the day. The crowd was visibly disinterested. Every other display vehicle was blessed with sound and smells. All these gave was a gentle hum, not very inspiring, even if a way forward.

    I can see one potential area of development, and that would be a static classic car display to bring more exhibitors in, although I appreciate that locating this may prove an issue.

    Given that there was direct competition this year with the NEC Restoration show then I thing it was a marvellous success, and you should be commended.

    1. Anthony Burt Post author

      Thanks for the positive feedback. We were thinking this year of a static display area for non-participating classic cars but ran out of time and energy to make it happen. I’m pretty sure it will come though, probably using one of the parking areas in town. As for the electric vehicles I agree they are not everyone’s cup of tea but had a few voices calling for some modern vehicles instead of all this “ancient stuff”. Very much in the minority but then so too were the electric vehicles.

  2. Trish Cecile-Pritchard

    A massive Thank you for another successful Speed Festival. Very well organised, everyone so friendly and the weather was perfect.
    Really enjoyed the day, well worth the 100 plus miles to be able to drive my old Healey around your town!
    Without Top Garage and our connections to Richard Mason who maintains several Healeysport cars, we may not have been introduced to this unique event.
    Well done to everyone involved.

  3. tony clarke

    Had a great day, really enjoyed every detail from the car parking to drive through.The only small gripe would be the the toilets which could be improved.Otherwise great day hope to return next year. Also my wife and I intend to return in summer to look around your beautiful town .

    1. Anthony Burt Post author

      Glad you enjoyed it so much and that you’ll back for a closer look. We encourage constructive criticism so what were the problems you found with the toilets? Quantity? Signage? Location? Cleanliness? And was it all or just one place?

  4. Carole Burgins

    Congratulants to you all at The Bromyard Speed Festival, dare I say…. A real ” Good Wood” atmosphere !!, up close and fabulous , with such a varied type of vehicles and Bikes, there was something for everyone, lovely to see such a huge number of like minded people enjoying the day in brilliant sunshine. I so enjoyed driving my Porsche 911 4s around the streets of Bromyard and having great support from the crowd and the lovely Marshalls as a Lady Driver was fabulous. For once I was quicker than my Husband Mervyn who was driving the 1948 Series 1 LandRover !!! ha ha . Special thanks to the Marshall running our Paddock B, very professional with lovely attitude to all. The food at the Drivers Gala Dinner was very good, the Roast Lamb being the nicest we have ever tasted, and being a Welsh Farmers daughter, that is an accolade !!! Thank you once again for a fabulous weekend. Huge amount of hard work and planning !!

    1. Anthony Burt Post author

      Hi Carole

      Thanks for your kind words and we are really glad you, the other drivers and the spectators had such a good time.

      Best regards

      Tony Burt


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