Bromyard – Beaulieu – Blue Bird

Blue Bird Land Speed Vehicle

Not only was Bromyard the mechanical birthplace of the Morgan motor car its little know history also reveals links with the birth of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Lord Montague visited for a very special sale of the William’s Garage of 1957. It was located in the back street of Bromyard had been a family business since the turn of the century but changers were afoot. Manufacture of the countries first production built Go-Kart needed extra space. The space in question was taken by cars retained against payment. Over the year owners had for reasons not altogether know decided that leaving the car at the garage was bette than paying the outstanding bill. As such 18 ancient vehicles and much antiquated garage equipment was to be auctioned. Staying at the Falcon hotel …find out more…Lord Montague purchased all 16 vehicles to help start the new Montague Motor Museum, now know as the National Motor Museum. To this day the Maxwell Charabanc is still used and a number of the cars a still in the museum.   

1922 Maxwell Charabanc – on route to Beaulieu having been purchased by Lord Montague from Bromyard 1957

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